14 Optical Illusion That Will Make Your Brain Say “Whaaaat?”

how many will trick your brain?

William Wayne
5 min readNov 21, 2020


1.) The Grid Fixes Itself

If you stare at the center of the grid, the crazy peripheries begin to fix themselves.

2.) How Many Black Dots Can You Count?

The answer is zero. Despite what your eyes are telling you, there are no black dots. There are only white dots that appear to darken in the periphery of your vision.

3.) Moving Pictures

Try staring at just one part of the image, and you’ll see it will stop moving. This is an example of a “peripheral drift illusion.” It is thought that this illusion occurs because of the slight differences in the time it takes to process different luminances (how intense the light is from a particular area). This slight lag in mental processing tricks the brain into perceiving movement that isn’t really there.

4.) Are These Lines Parallel?

Despite what your eyes are telling you, they are. It is thought that the café wall illusion functions due to the high contrast in the two different “bricks.”

5.) Which Line is Bigger?

They’re both the same! This is an example of the Ponzo illusion. This little trick takes advantage of the human brain’s background to judge an object’s size.

6.) Bulge Effect



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